List of Holidays



26.01.2017 (Wednesday) Republic Day

01.03.2017 (Mon to Wed)

Tibetan New Year
10.03.2017 (Friday) Tibetan Uprising Day
12.03.2017 (Thursday) Chotrul Due-chen
21.05.2016 (Saturday) Sa-dhe Due-chen / Buddha Purnima

(Buddha Shakyamuni’s Birth, Enlightenment & Parinirvana Day)

06.07.2017 (Thursday) Birthday of His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama
19.07.2017 (Sunday) Zam-ling Chi-sang (Universal Prayer Day)
27.07.2017 (Thursday) Choe-khor Due-chen

(Buddha Shakyamuni’s First Teaching)

14.08.2017 (Monday) MCTC Foundation Day
15.08.2017 (Tuesday) Indian Independence Day
02.09.2017 (Saturday) Tibetan Democracy Day
02.10.2017 (Monday) Gandhi Jayanti
10.11.2017 (Friday) Lha-bab Due-chen

(Buddha Shakyamuni’s Decent from Heaven)

10.12.2017 (Sunday) Commemoration of the Nobel Peace Prize to

His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama

Note : 15th December 2017 to 14th March 2018 (School remain closed for Winter Vacation.  School reopens on 15th March 2018.