Annual Activities


Annual Activities

15.03.2017 (Wednesday) Introductory Session at 4.00 pm (Library Hall)
11.04.2017 (Tuesday) Death Anniversary of Csoma de Koros
25.06.2017 (Sunday) Calligraphy Competition for CST Students
06.07.2017 (Thursday) Video Show at 2.00 pm
06.08.2017 (Sunday) Song & Dance Competition
12 & 13.08.2017 (Sat & Sunday) Free Eye Camp
14.08.2017 (Monday) MCTC 29th Foundation Day
02.09.2017 (Saturday) Tibetan Democracy Day (Video Show)
15 – 22.10.2017 (Sun. to Sat.) Photo Exhibition on Tibet
05.11.2017 (Sunday) Talk on Introduction to Buddhism
10.12.2017 (Sunday) Video Show on His Holiness the Dalai Lama
20.12.2017 (Wednesday)


31.01.2018 (Wednesday)

Commencement of Special Winter Classes for school going